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Play Local. Fix Global.

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OSLO - Every weekend, across, Europe, hundreds of thousands of footballers play local football for fun. 

Samindra Kunti

Epilogue of a Cycling Era

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GHENT - 'The Farm', is literally an old Belgian farmhouse outside of Ghent. From the seventies onward it was the operational base for young promising international riders. Michael Tvardovskiy lived at The Farm for eight years, after deserting the Ukranian army. When he got deported from Belgium, both this story and the Flemish cycling era came to and end.

A Betting Nation

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  • Tax evasion

NAIROBI - The three legs of this investigation reveal:

  1. Kenya's enormous betting addiction;
  2. At the same time the Kenyan government removed a tax for betting companies, a cousin of Kenya's president accumulated a financial stake in betting giant SportPesa;
  3. SportPesa has been sucking profits out of its lucrative Kenyan business by paying millions of pounds to a software company it owns in the UK.

The invisible Olympians

  • Sport

KABUL, KINSHASHA, JUBA - No Olympics this summer. But Elien did seek and feel the Olympic spirit: in Afghan women's football, wheelchair basketball in South Sudan and with nzozo players in Congo. These champions wouldn't have made it to the Olympics anyway, but the Olympic spirit is clearly present.

El Tarangu

  • Sport

BELGIUM/SPAIN - In the hot summer of 1996, the square in front of the Cathedral of Oviedo is full of people saying goodbye to their cycling hero 'El Tarangu'. Jose Manuel Fuente, only 50 years old, is buried. But seven years later, he sits opposite another cycling icon Lucien van Impe, eating mussels in the Flemish town of Geraardsbergen. Lucien looks him in the eye and does not know what he is seeing. Has his old rival really staged his death? Or is something else going on here? One thing is certain, someone is lying. But who? And above all, why?

The Tour of Rwanda

  • Sport

RWANDA - The Tour of Rwanda is the biggest cycling event on the african continent. In an eight day race it winds through all four provinces of Rwanda. The Tour has been won all four years by the host country, providing a platform to make an international name for Rwandan cyclists.

Dossier Stadium

  • Sport

BELGIUM - At the beginning of 2007, the Belgian FC Bruges launched plans for a new football stadium. A professional club derives a large part of the resources it needs from a modern and attractive stadium to maintain itself at the top in Belgium and to be able to participate somewhat internationally. New football temples have been built throughout the world for the last twenty years. But at the end of 2018, FC Bruges still does not know whether it can build. In the best case and at the earliest in 2022, it will have a new stadium. How is it that this process is so slow and difficult?

Dossier stadion

Radio Russia: stories in the margins of the World Cup

  • Sport

RUSSIA - Radio 1 reporter Ward Bogaert and Russia expert Johan de Boose travel during the first two weeks of the Football World Cup along the trans-Siberian railway line, in search of beautiful stories in the margins of the sporting event. Together they keep a diary...

We Must Be Dreaming

  • Sport

RIO DE JANEIRO - David Joris Dhert and Gregg Young sought the answer to a simple question in Rio de Janeiro. How will the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games change the lives of its inhabitants?

Game On

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Hundreds of African and South-American minors come to Europe each year searching for a better life and professional success in the El Dorado of European football leagues. In doing so they expose themselves to multimillionaire cross-national structures of power and quick profits.