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Rider Accident, Now What?

  • Exploitation
  • Transport

BILBAO - In the Basque region of northern Spain, it is not an uncommon occurrence for food delivery couriers to be involved in accidents on the road. 

Paolo Lottini

Perenco extracting oil&gas in protected areas around the world

  • Environment
  • Exploitation
  • Industry

PARIS - The "Perenco System" international investigation conducted by Mediapart and its international partners InfoCongo and InfoAmazonia documents the systemic ecological impact of Perenco worldwide. 

A 'Degree' of Sacrifices

  • Education
  • Exploitation

GOTENBURG - The highs and lows of International students studying in three Scandinavian cities.

Alexander Maxia

Death Threats Without Consequences

  • Human Rights
  • Religion

BERLIN - For almost four years, left-wing politicians, mostly of Kurdish origin, have been receiving death threats from social media accounts that share the far-right ideology of the Turkish Ülkücü (Grey Wolves) movement.

Ali Celikkan

Universities Accept Fossil Fuel Funding

  • Education
  • Finance

OXFORD – Fuelling academia: OpenDemocracy and Investigate Europe find that Europe’s leading universities have received at least €260 million from fossil fuel giants and taken advice on degree curricullae. 

universities funding in europe

My Maire Hidden Secrets

  • Corruption
  • Transport

BRUSSELS - Local authorities become slightly more transparent about municipal councils.

Charlotte Deprez

Bioplastics: a green innovation or just another plastic problem?

  • Environment
  • Industry

BRUSSELS - Paradoxical plastics: Why are bioplastics not necessarily as good as a solution to plastic waste as the had been proclaimed?

Tunisia: How legal limbo allows fracking by Serinus Energy

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Industry

KEBILI - This projects looked into the significant social and environmental consequences Tunisia bears due to extractive industries of Serinus Energy.

Tunisia Serinus impact

Italian Connection: How Convicted White-collar Romanians Escape Jail Time

  • Corruption
  • Tax evasion

BUCHAREST - Dozens of people definitively convicted in Romania live today in Italy.

Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea

The Road of No Return

  • Migration
  • Trafficking

SARAJEVO - Dozens of migrants from Asia and Africa drown every year in the rivers between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. 

Vanja Stokić