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EU regulations triggering illegal fishing in Tunisia and Libya

  • Environment
  • Fishing industry

KERKENNAH ISLANDS - In Tunisia, artisanal fishers are facing depleted fish stocks as a result of illegal bottom trawling.

The True Cost of Kiwis

LAZIO - The team has been investigating The Green Gold of Italy, or Kiwi Revolution as it is known locally, since April 2022. The Lazio region of Italy has become the world's largest producer of kiwis in the past years. But glitter doesn't always mean gold.

Behind the smokescreen: Environmental destruction and slave-like working conditions in the European tobacco industry

  • Agriculture
  • Exploitation
  • Industry

The investigation reveals the environmental and health impacts faced by local Brazilian farmers due to tobacco production sold to European and North American multinational companies. During the harvest season, Repórter Brasil and Danwatch travelled to three Brazilian states accountable for 95% of the national production. The team gathered evidence on how farmers are facing frequent intoxication symptoms from the heavy use of pesticides, besides other labour issues.

The Forever Pollution Project

  • Environment

EUROPE - More than 17.000 sites all over Europe are contaminated by the “forever chemical” PFAS, an exclusive, monthslong investigation from 18 European newsrooms shows. The investigation “The Forever Pollution Project” reveals an additional 22.000 presumptive contamination sites due to current or past industrial activity. The contamination revealed by this project spreads all over Europe.

Northern Lights, at the end of the tunnel

  • Migration

REYKJAVIK - "No one will end up on the streets," Thorir Hall says decidedly. He works for the Red Cross. "In Iceland, sleeping on the streets is not an option." It is a beautiful day today. Outside, it is freezing at minus four. In central Reykjavik, the aid agency has just opened a new emergency shelter. Last year, some 4,000 refugees applied for asylum in the country. It seems a ridiculously small number when compared to countries like Greece, Lebanon or even Belgium, but for Iceland it is 70 times more than a decade ago.

Corruption in Urban Construction Projects in Georgia and Ukraine

  • Corruption

KHARKIV/TBILISI - Journalists in Ukraine and Georgia investigated the issue of the construction of large cities and found corruption points and schemes used by officials and developers. 

Мапа Реновації

How exotic birds are trafficked from Guinea into the EU via Serbia

  • Environment
  • Trafficking

GUINEA/SERBIA/THE NETHERLANDS - According to Europol, the smuggling of songbirds and other tropical birds to the European Union (EU) has skyrocketed in recent years, especially along the Balkans trafficking route.

A Study of Russian Propaganda in Georgian and Moldovan Churches

The project investigates the patterns of forming Russian propaganda messages and their dissemination in Georgian and Moldovan churches based on human sources and stories.


Exporting Hazard

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Industry

ACCRA - ABUJA - The Dark Side of European Used Cars and Parts Trade in West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria)

Can depopulation in Europe's islands be reversed?

  • Cities

With islands across Europe having experienced years of population decline, many now face an uncertain future.