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Network of Environmental Investigative Journalist Centers

IMS, with the support of the Environmental Investigative Forum, will connect regional journalism hubs from the Global South to enable peer to peer training and capacity building through knowledge exchange on best practices and challenges faced by environmental journalists worldwide.

Groundbreaking, day-long workshop on climate change at the Global IJ Conference

  • Journalism & Media

GOTHENBURG - With support from Journalismfund Europe, GIJN is developing and organizing the Investigative Agenda for Climate Change Journalism, a groundbreaking, day-long collaborative workshop that is bringing together leading investigative journalists on climate change. 

EU Agriculture Funds: Favour Businessmen Linked to Politics and Crime than Farmers

The European Union is supporting Albania and North Macedonia in the agricultural sector through the IPARD Programme, with the aim of preparing the countries for membership in the union.

Arlind Veshti

Hydropower controversy in Georgia

  • Energy
  • Environment

TBILISI - The electricity generated by at least ninety-four hydropower plants covers 80% of Georgian demand. Still, the ruling party Georgian Dream is pushing for more investment.

Brownfield Sites Are No Cure for Housing Blues

  • Equality
  • Social affairs

SOFIA - Cities across CEE are struggling to build enough affordable homes for their populations.

Central Group

Cook Islands determined to start deep sea mining

  • Environment
  • Exploitation
  • Industry

AVARUA - In a remote corner of the Pacific, a Polynesian micro-state is preparing for an industrial plunge into the deep sea. The Cook Islands want to extract billions of metal nodules that are lying there.

Goliath vs. David: the race to EU defence money

  • Armed conflict
  • Industry

EU - The war in Ukraine has unveiled a new threat to Europe's security: Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles. With their unparalleled speed and maneuverability, these missiles pose a significant challenge to traditional defense systems. However, amidst the Ukrainian crisis, European arms manufacturers see an opportunity.

The Road to Ruins

  • Cities
  • Culture

BĂILE HERCULANE - A collection of hotels and baths that once made up an Austro-Hungarian thermal waters resort is being destroyed under the harsh weather of its surrounding mountains.

Ionuț Stănescu

Balkan security in the light of global warming

  • Environment
  • Security

Five journalists from four Balkan countries have worked on the joint theme of climate security risks in the Balkan region

War without ammunition

  • Armed conflict
  • Industry

EU - Since the February 2022 invasion, Ukraine's five main military partners alone (US, Germany, UK, Poland, and the Netherlands) pledged more than 60 billion euros worth of weapons. Deliveries that punched deep holes in the ammunition stocks of NATO countries. The stockpiles remain empty.