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Foster Parents Plan's Mysterious Ways

  • Family
  • International
  • Politics

When freelance photographer Karl Deckers realised he had not received any Annual Progress Reports about his foster child anymore for the years 1999 and 2000, he looked through the reports from 1992 to 1998. To his surprise, each year's report seemed to be more or less a copy of that of the year before. Deckers decided to go and have a look at the situation himself.

World Music on Three Continents

  • Art

The popularity of world music has been on the rise in recent years. But often the countries of origin of the musicians in question are only in the news because of wars, disasters or economic crises. The story behind the music, the importance of it in society as catalyst for messages of development or warnings against AIDS, is never told.

Epilogue of a Cycling Era

  • Sport

GHENT - 'The Farm', is literally an old Belgian farmhouse outside of Ghent. From the seventies onward it was the operational base for young promising international riders. Michael Tvardovskiy lived at The Farm for eight years, after deserting the Ukranian army. When he got deported from Belgium, both this story and the Flemish cycling era came to and end.

The invisible cost of electronics

  • Ecology
  • Innovation

BRUSSELS - We consume one phone every two to three years on average. That’s not good for the environment nor for the climate. In Europe more than two hundred million smartphones are being sold annually. This market is highly dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei. So they determine the level of durability for those devices, and how easy it is to repair them. On one hand our phones often die very fast and we don’t get it fixed, on the other hand the consumer is being seduced by the latest technological advancements.

Italian and European weapons in Yemeni conflict

  • Conflict
  • Corruption
  • Human Rights
  • Organised crime
  • Terrorism
  • Trafficking

The first bomb hits the village of Deir al-Hajari in north-western Yemen on October 8, 2016 at around 3 a.m. The air strike kills a family of six: a pregnant mother, her husband, and four children. The survivors watch as their homes are destroyed by the air raid.