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In the Name of the State

  • Corruption
  • Data Journalism
  • Politics

LJUBLJANA - From 1991 until 1995, the Yugoslav Wars wreaked havoc on the Balkans. War crimes of all sorts and flavours struck the region with such fierceness and frequency that by the end of the 20th century Yugoslavia had been torn apart. One of the crimes committed was the illegal trade of arms by government officials of the countries involved, acts with which they infringed the UN arms embargo.


Between freedom and happiness

  • Armed conflict
  • Religion
  • Politics

Journalists Majd Khalifeh and Pieter Stockmans, and photographer Xander Stockmans travel across North Africa and the Middle East for 5 months in search of dreams of freedom and happiness of ordinary people, workers, doctors, activists, young people, imams, priests, professors, trade union leaders, journalists, politicians,... They let the people behind the revolutions speak and share their dreams with Europe.

The garden of Tito. A journey along the Belgrade-Sarajevo railway.

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

Korneel De Rynck travels along the railway line, through Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, along places that recall death and destruction. He investigates what happened back then and what changed since the end of the war. Do the people live together again? Did the circumstances that led to war disappear?

Cold Case: EU Spending in Kosovo

  • Corruption
  • Justice

PRISTINA - Up until nine years after the Kosovo War, from 1999 to 2008, Kosovo was ran by UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo).

In De Keuken Van Het Compromis

  • Politics

'In de Keuken van het Compromis' is a fascinating view behind the scenes of the Council of Ministers. Here, the idea of European unity is not at all obvious. Also, when ministers are occupied with national matters, diplomats seem to have a substantial influence in shaping European decisions.


  • Security
  • Politics

targetBRUSSELS gathers information on the activities of Eastern European secret services in Brussels during the Cold War. The research is based on the intelligence archives of the former German Democratic Republic, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania.

Stranded and stuck in Libya

  • Politics

Sub Saharan refugees and migrants get stranded in Libya, one of the most important transit countries, on their way to Europe. The European Union tries to keep migrants from reaching Europe by making expensive deals with the Libyan Government. 

Off Spring

  • Social affairs

BRUSSELS - A film by Arielle Sleutel & Dorothee van den Berghe. A documentary about ‘giving up your child ‘.

Silent Stories

BRUSSELS - In Silent Stories Hanne Phlypo and Catherine Vuysteke follow two men and two women from Algeria, Senegal, Iraq and Guinea whose sexual orientation forced them to leave their country - wether they were bisexual, homosexual, lesbian or transsexual. Three of them are rebuilding their lives in Belgium, for the fourth, the Iraq transsexual Sarah, long years of waiting have finally resulted in political asylum and the prospect of a gender operation.

White Elephant (nzoku ya pembe)

KINSHASA - White Elephant is a documentary about the Central Post-Office and its employees in Kinshasa, DR Congo.