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Foreign dreamteams in Ukraine

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics
  • Security

At the beginning of this month the conflict in Ukraine came back in the news. With the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, MO * journalist Pieter Stockmans and photographer Jürgen Augusteyns went to both sides of the front line.

The African Line

  • Organised crime

The Calabrian mafia ‘Ndrangheta's primary source of money is cocaine. How do they traffic the drug from South America to Europe and Africa leaving virtually no trace?

Refugees: The Risk of Using Language as a Passport

  • Migration
  • Science

After crossing seas and walls, some asylum seeker arriving in Europe have to cross one more wired fence: one made of words.

Arab uprisings

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics
  • Terrorism

The dream of the Arab Spring has splattered. Since the outbreak of popular uprisings in 2011, things have gone from bad to worse in the region. Is the Arab world simply not ready for democracy, or is there more to it?

Love under pressure

  • Healthcare

"You have cancer" is a diagnosis with a tremendous psychological impact. But not only for you, but also for your life partner.

Mafia in Africa 2

  • Industry
  • Organised crime

Mafia in Africa 2 exposes the fraudulent business empire of Italian criminal Curio Pintus, who was sentenced to three years in jail in 2001 for laundering drug money for the 'ndrangheta, but remains active as CEO of US “merchant bank”, the Pintus Group.

Kaliningrad, invisible battleground

  • Politics

KALININGRAD - The case of the Russian province Kaliningrad has been causing a war of nerves between East and West. Reports about re-militarisation and information warfare are reminiscent of a Cold War 2.0. Is Europe turning back to a bipolar logic?

Dairy and the Rwando-Congolese Border Trade

  • Economy

Every day over 25,000 Rwandese cross the border to Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the majority looking to sell Rwandese milk. The trip is not without danger, but for many the juice is worth the squeeze.

La Revolucion Gulliveriana

LATIN AMERICA - In the last few years money has been made with raw materials. Lots of money. Everyone was after it to win and sell them or to process them in industry. The result: prices skyrocketed. Those who traded in raw materials became rich while sleeping. That credo applied to companies, and governments too believed in it.

The Lunatic Express

  • Corruption
  • Industry

How did one of Africa's biggest investment companies spend the money they collected from international developments banks for the refurbishment of the Rift Valley Railway?