FOS-SUR-MER - The world’s steel leader ArcelorMittal has exceeded several pollution limits authorized by European, Italian and French law for a decade. Meanwhile, the multinationale headquartered in Luxembourg has received billions euros of public funds and indirect subsidies.

In its two main French factories, in Fos-sur-Mer and Dunkirk, confidential documents obtained by Disclose reveal that the multinational is still not up to standard. Meanwhile, the steel giant has received billions euros of public funds and indirect subsidies.

Ilva of Taranto, Europe's largest steel plant must stay open, whatever the cost. For years it has been collecting state aid and relaunching production with new plans, but transforming the industrial facility is still difficult. 

Photo credit: PlaceMarks

Team members

Ariane Lavrilleux

Ariane Lavrilleux is an investigative and independent radio journalist based in France.

Ariane Lavrilleux

Carlotta Indiano

Carlotta Indiano is an Italian investigative journalist based in Rome.

Carlotta Indiano

Nina Hubinet

Nina Hubinet is a freelance journalist based in Marseille, specialised on environmental issues.

Nina Hubinet

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