17 Small Local Media Outlets Get a Solid Boost


BRUSSELS - The LocalMedia4Democracy project is supporting 17 small local media outlets. These outlets aim to serve the public interest in localities and regions where access to information has significantly decreased in the European Union. This grant scheme is operated by Journalismfund Europe and International Media Support (IMS), and co-funded by the European Commission. 

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US donors: become a friend of Journalismfund


BRUSSELS - From now on US donors can support Journalismfund more easily by becoming a "Friend of Journalismfund".


Journalismfund launched a new mentorship scheme


Journalismfund Europe has launched, as part of its Earth Investigations Programme, a new mentorship scheme – the Editorial Mentor.

Lack of independent media funding is a major cause of news desertification around Europe


FLORENCE - The Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Pluralism (CMPF) published their preliminary study, “News deserts in Europe: assessing risks for local and community media in the 27 EU Member States”.

Journalismfund is hiring

Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator


BRUSSELS - Journalismfund is hiring a Project Coordinator for its Earth Investigations Programme.

88 Applications for the Local Media for Democracy grant programme


BRUSSELS - For the first round of applications for the Local Media for Democracy grant programme, Journalism Europe received 88 applications from 20 different EU countries. 

The 4 Modern Slavery jury members go public


BRUSSELS - Today Journalismfund Europe reveals the four jury members of its Modern Slavery Unveiled grant programme: Chay Hofileña (Philippines), Edouard Perrin (France), Kieran Guilbert (United Kingdom) and Sherry Lee (Taiwan) are outstanding personalities with an impressive track record in collaborative investigative journalism.

US Government finds Ireland is failing to convict traffickers or support their victims


WASHINGTON DC - Ireland has not convicted any traffickers in the last year, the US State Department has found. This report cited the investigation "Hands on Deck" supported by the Modern Slavery Unveiled grant programme. 

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