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Millions of UN dollars fail to reach villages fighting to survive in Mozambique

  • Environment

BEIRA - This investigation reveals how a ten million dollar United Nations programme to combat environmental destruction falls apart in Mozambique.

How the Italian 'Ndrangheta infiltrated East Berlin reconstruction

  • Corruption
  • Europe
  • Organised crime

BERLIN - "They described men arriving in Berlin with briefcases full of cash, wanting to buy land, buildings, restaurants". Bernd Finger, former chief investigator of the BKA in Berlin told us regarding statements he received from the Treuhandgesellschaft (the DDR trust company), during the nineties. "Everything was legal at the time, nobody could have known or suspected that this money was there to be laundered”.

On Air

  • Media
  • Politics

Bob Rugurika is the director of Radio Publique Africaine (RPA), the most popular independent radio station in Burundi. As an investigative journalist, he is also a forerunner in the fight for freedom of expression in his country, willing to risk his life to expose the truth. 

Rebuilding Raqqah

  • Conflict
  • Religion

"Bomb after bomb after bomb." Dima is peeling potatoes in the kitchen when rockets are fired at her house. She loses a leg and two fingers. There are 7 dead. All citizens.


  • International
  • Art
  • Religion

Sufism is experiencing a real revival in the Muslim world after a long period of decay and even persecution. In countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Turkey, there is a clear revival both in religious and political terms, and this has its consequences for migrant communities here in the West.


Un pays plus beau qu'avant

  • Economy
  • Politics

Un pays plus beau qu’avant is a film about the Congo made in Brussels. The wanderings of Jean Simon, a small-time businessman, reveal the outlines of a microcosm of informal commerce within the Congolese diaspora.

Inocencia asesinada

  • Conflict
  • Health
  • Religion

"When I woke up in the hospital, there were police officers around me. They said that I had killed my child." Maria Teresa De Rivera is 34 when she gets a miscarriage on the toilet. Due to strict abortion laws in her country, she is sentenced to 40 years in prison. She not only loses a child, but also her freedom. Under pressure from, among others, the Catholic Church, El Salvador has one of the strictest abortion laws in the world.

The Tour of Rwanda

  • Conflict
  • Sport
  • Politics

The Tour of Rwanda is the biggest cycling event on the African continent. In an eight-day race, it winds through all four provinces of Rwanda. The Tour has been won all four years by the host country, providing a platform to make an international name for Rwandan cyclists.

In search of the enemy. The story about a terrorist who wanted to be a friend.

  • Conflict
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Terrorism

During a visit to Dutch troops in Afghanistan in 2006, journalist Bette Dam discovered how little the military knew about their enemy. She left the military camp to investigate the feared taliban leader mullah Omar.

Nobody wants them. Europe and its refugees.

  • History
  • Migration

This story about European 'refugee management' starts in the summer of 1938 in the stately French spa town of Evian, at the first international summit about the refugee crisis in Europe. The number of Jews who tried to escape from the Nazi occupied territorium had exploded: reception places were needed urgently.