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Veolia's hot waters : how the French company violated Bulgarian regulations

  • Industry

Excessive water cuts to its consumers, questionable management of tendering procedures, constant increase in water prices in the face of significant leaking of its outdated infrastructures. These features of the global water giant, repeatedly singled out by the press, are no longer a secret in France. 

Syphoning development money: Tanzanian involved in robbing of $176 million

  • Corruption
  • Justice
  • Politics

Almost $176m that belonged to the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) at Barclays Bank disappeared mysteriously and landed on a Tanzanian national. The funds for putting up 1,000 school structures to accommodate 45,000 poor students in Africa, ended up in a group of people in Tanzania, Kenya, and other countries.

The Offshore Markets of Human Bodies (Surrogacy and Egg Donor Networks Inside and Outside Europe)

  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Industry

The unregulated surrogacy sphere in Ukraine, controls at the external border of the European Union as well as the closed borders and restrictions on movement introduced in 2020 due to COVID-19, lead to questionable decisions like moving Ukrainian women across the border to Poland to continue providing services.

Photo: Kate Baklitskaya

Kenyan Oil Project Had Environmental Concerns Months Ahead of World Bank Investment

  • Environment
  • Finance

This investigation reveals how a multi-million dollar investment from the World Bank into an oil & gas company involved in controversial drilling in Kenya went ahead, despite vocal objections from the U.S. Treasury Department, and four months after a damaging oil spill at one of the sites.

The Fishy Trade From Sierra Leone to Italy

  • Environment

Fish exported from Sierra Leone to Italy is exposed to allegedly illegal trawling that the Italian government seems unwilling to scrutinize.

The secret seizures

  • Organised crime

ANTWERP - The port of Antwerp is considered to be the most important port for coca imports in Europe. Every year, tons of cocaine come here hidden on board container ships. The value of the smuggled cocaine is estimated to have a street value of tens of billions of kronor. 


  • Security
  • Human Rights

BEVEREN -‘Jailbirds’ intents to speak about the impact of the Covid-crisis and the lockdown, not only on a practical or economic level but to highlight mental processes and how it influences our psychological state. From a microcosmos: incarcerated life versus universal and collective uncertainty and the feeling of being deprived of physical and social freedom.

Portugal on sale: who benefits from the race for lithium?

  • Ecology

MINA DO BAROSSO - Lithium is the raw material we need en masse for batteries, including electric cars. Under Portuguese soil there is a lot of that 'white gold'.

Behind The Pledge - How EU money is spent for Covid19 drugs

  • Health
  • Industry

How did we come to pay gold for a drug whose effectiveness has not been proven? This is the story of Remdesivir, a drug developed by the American company Gilead Sciences with large public funds to combat Ebola, and in July approved by the European Medicines Agency with "conditional authorisation" as the first antiviral against Covid 19.

Multinational telecom company stashes $22m from Malawi in the Netherlands

  • Finance

LILONGWE - Taxation treaties that Malawi signed with other countries over the last fifty years are costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars, since they have opened up opportunities for multinational corporations to reduce their tax liability through tax avoidance.