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Exporting Hazard

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Industry

ACCRA - ABUJA - The Dark Side of European Used Cars and Parts Trade in West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria)

Can depopulation in Europe's islands be reversed?

  • Cities

With islands across Europe having experienced years of population decline, many now face an uncertain future.

Sanctioned Belarussian Oligarch gets Lucky in Latvia

  • Corruption

RIGA - Belarusian businessman Aliaksandr Shakutsin (Aleksandr Shakutin) was sanctioned two years ago for benefiting from and supporting the regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

Missing funds of West African shea collectors

  • Agriculture
  • Economy

OYO - The Danish government's Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) disbursed DKK 9 million to its Canadian partner Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA) in 2019 for a 4-year project to support Nigerian women shea collectors, but the project was terminated before the predetermined four years. The team looked into the project's effects and the reasons behind its abrupt termination in 2020.

Pharma sector keeps medical news in tight grip

BRUSSEL - The flip side of pharmaceutical companies' staggering profit figures is that the marketing for their products is incredibly important. Dutch research shows that pharma even spends twice as much money on this than on the development of new drugs. In this study we examine to what extent and in what way health information in the professional media is influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Mexican method

BRUSSELS/AMSTERDAM - In Belgium and the Netherlands, Mexican laborers have raised a new branch of the drug industry: crystal meth. Arthur Debruyne portrays all those involved. 'Buying gloves? Just tell those mexi to work'.

Wardrobe fasting, uravelling the textile supply chain

You never wear one third of the clothes in your wardrobe. Another third you rarely ever put on. You have not touched nine out of ten outfits for a whole year. You throw away more clothes than any other European. And yet you keep buying new clothes. Because you feel that you need them. Because every morning you wake up and think you have nothing to wear.

Why Banned Toxic Pesticides from EU markets are a Concern for Cameroon and Kenya

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

KENYA/CAMEROON - An investigation has established that Chemical Pesticides that are already banned within European Union markets are still used in Kenya and Cameroon Markets.

Self-service at Action Damien

BRUSSELS - Experienced staff are being fired, volunteers are dropping out and losses are piling up. Meanwhile, external consultants earn up to €20,000 a month. What is going on at Action Damien?

Stop air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO - Fokus.ba trains journalists and does research on air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.