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Inside 25 years of GMOs in Africa

  • Agriculture
  • Corruption

This story is a collaborative, transnational investigation into the adoption of Genetically Modified (GM) crops for farming in Africa.

9/11 through the eyes of Al Qaeda

  • Terrorism

Even after the anniversary of 9/11, one question remains unanswered: how did Osama bin Laden manage to carry out that murderous raid against the most powerful country in the world? Exceptional testimonies from the heart of the al-Qaeda terrorist movement provide an answer.

Europe’s war in the Sahel: tracking financial flows for security forces and their impact

  • Security

NIAMEY - This is the first article of a year-long cross-border independent investigation into EU money invested in Niger for security purposes.

How the Kenyan government is losing revenue as Khat Smuggling to Somalia escalates

  • Agriculture
  • Organised crime
  • Transport

NAIROBI - MOGADISHU - The smuggling of Khat, locally known as Miraa, is being carried out openly in Kenya’s coastal town of Lamu. The smuggling has been heightened due to the fact that Miraa export to Somalia was banned in 2020 following a diplomatic row between the two states. 

Garbage Out, Garbage In: How Europe’s e-waste problem is a burden on Africa

  • Environment

ACCRA, GHANA - This story puts the spotlight on the dumping of e-waste, particularly discarded colling appliances by Europe’s e-waste exporters in Africa in contravention of EU’s law and the Basel Convention while port officials in Europe turn a blind eye to the shipment of these discarded appliances.

Murder in Burundi

  • Politics

BUJUMBURA - After sixty years, Ludo De Witte opens up about a murder that set Burundi on the road to internal division, ethnic tension and mass killings.

Nepalis abused by Nepalis in Luxembourg

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

LUXEMBOURG - Migrants are victims of mistreatment and exploitation by their relatives and friends in the heart of Europe. This story shows how in Luxembourg some of the poorest migrants face injustice which needs to be exposed and addressed.

Message in a Bottle

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Industry

BRUSSELS - For the first time in history, the world is consuming more bottled water than soft drinks. Although access to safe water is both a fundamental human need and a basic human right recognised by the United Nations, the continuous growth in bottled water consumption is not just a response to basic human need.

Youth infrastructure in Flanders

  • Youth

RONSE - Is the voice of the children still heard? For some time now, there has been no real motivation to invest in youth. That results in a salvo of cries for help from youth councils and youth movements. Robbe Vandegehuchte investigates in Knack the local youth infrastructure through various cases in Ronse.

The Electoral Hydra

  • Corruption
  • Politics

CRAIOVA - A team of journalists investigated the connections between an institution for Romanian democracy and a crime group, who sustained together a corruption network violating law and blocking controls to favor their political leaders.