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Crina Boros

Crina Boros is a London-based, award-winning, freelance data-driven investigative reporter and an international journalism trainer.

Irene Caselli

Irene Caselli is the founder of The First 1,000 Days, a fully reader-supported newsletter that covers early childhood. Before that, she worked for a decade as a foreign correspondent in Latin America.

Irene Caselli

Lindita Çela

Lindita Çela is an investigative reporter based in Albania, known and awarded for her uncompromising investigations into corruption scandals and organized crime, including the problem of human trafficking in Europe.

Lindita Çela

Nick Mathiason

Nick Mathiason is a founder and Co-Director of Finance Uncovered.

Nils Hanson

Nils Hanson is an awarded freelance investigative editor for and former editor-in-chief of Swedish public broadcaster SVT’s Mission Investigate.

Nils Hanson

Patrick Boehler

Patrick Boehler leads digital strategy at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Patrick Boehler

Pramod Acharya

Pramod Acharya is a freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has experience in investigative reporting, data journalism, and multimedia content production. 

Rana Sabbagh

Rana Sabbagh is co-founder of the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism network (ARIJ) and currently works as senior MENA Investigations Editor for OCCRP.

Saad Hattar

Saad Hattar is a Jordanian career journalist and media trainer, with more than 30 years of experience in print and radio journalism throughout the Arab World.

Saša Leković

Saša Leković is a Croatian freelance investigative journalist, trainer and media advisor.

Staffan Dahllöf

Staffan Dahllöf is a freelance reporter based in Copenhagen.

Sylke Gruhnwald

Sylke Gruhnwald is editor-in-chief of the Swiss magazine Republik.

Will Fitzgibbon

Will Fitzgibbon is a senior ICIJ reporter and ICIJ's Africa and Middle East partnership coordinator.