ISRAEL/PALESTINE/GEORGIA - This article aims to map the thriving surrogacy business between Israel and Georgia, with particular attention to the role of women in this increasingly global and more lucrative baby business.

Based on fieldwork research conducted in Israel / Palestine (August 2017) and Georgia (May 2018) with the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, the authors highlight both the Israeli demand side and the Georgian supply side of international surrogacy. What's the procedure and how work the financial transactions? Why are more and more Israelis opting for a Georgian surrogate and why do more and more Georgian women chose to be surrogate mothers?

Team members

Aïlien Reyns

Aïlien Reyns (1984 °) is a Brussels audiovisual artist and co-founder of the transdisciplinary production and distribution collective TRIPOT.

Aïlien Reyns

Sigrid Vertommen

Sigrid Vertommen is postdoctoral researcher at King's College London into the political economy of global fertility chains.

Sigrid Vertommen
A working grant of € 5.700 allocated on 19/09/2017.

Mo* magazine, 5/12/2018

MO*Paper: Van vraagouder tot draagmoeder: De babybusiness tussen Israël en Georgië, MO.be, 8/01/2019. 

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