PUGLIA - From the role of organised crime to the failings of national and European institutional oversight, this investigation on the ground raises awareness regarding the main players of the agricultural market.

Examine how their profit comes at the expense of migrant agricultural workers and their health, in an era of climate change. Despite the focus being on the Mediterranean area, namely the south of Italy and the south of Spain, this project opens a wider conversation on the social sustainability of the European agricultural industry as it is.


📷 Claudia Colliva & Giada Santana

Team members

Giada Santana

Giada Santana is an Italian Dominican freelance journalist based in Paris.

Giada Santana

Claudia Colliva

Claudia Colliva is an Italian journalist in Paris.

Claudia Colliva

Juli Simond

Juli Simond is a freelance writer and editor currently based in Brussels.

Juli Simond

Lindita Çela

Lindita Çela is an investigative reporter based in Albania.

Lindita Çela
€9.000,00 allocated on 16/02/2023

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