10 - 13.07.2022, All day

This year’s ECSJ-conference is located in the historical building where superconductivity was discovered by Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in 1911. The conference will take place from 10 to 13 July.

Science journalists are always happy to be reporting science, and are supposed to be good at communicating science. But are we as diligent when it comes to investigating science? Perhaps we should not be quite as professionally cynical as political journalists, but neither should we aspire to be enlisted as science’s influencers.

The conference will host several renowned speakers who take a critical look at these aspects of the scientific enterprise, and be a stage for discussion. We don’t expect you to sit back and listen, but to stand up and engage. None of which will detract from our common truth that science is a force for good in our society and an essential part of our future.

But in a time when ‘just follow the science’ has become a matter of fierce political debate, conspiracy theories and even riots in the streets, science journalism needs to rethink its position in the complex force field between following and investigating science.

What is the ECSJ?
The European Conference of Science Journalism is a conference for professional science journalists and related professions. In addition, it is a moment in time to meet each other in real life, if that is possible, and to continue discussing the profession of science journalist.

Who is it for?
Everyone involved with science journalism is welcome. The event itself is aimed at science journalists and the profession. We'd also like to welcome science communicators and other closely related professions.
Membership of a European association for science journalism is not compulsory, not in the least because such associations are not active everywhere. If you live in a country with an active association but you are not a member yourself, we advise you to become a member there.

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European Conference of Science Journalism