09.11.2022, 15:30 - 16:45

Obtaining, interpreting, visualizing, and narrating data are now essential skills for journalists. This is even more true for journalists who want to write about the environment and climate change, a topic increasingly under the spotlight of mass-media, considering it as one of the greatest challenges humanity is going to face in the following years.

We discussed broadly how data can be used to write about the environment. Stemming from the Global Climate Change dashboard, the audience was introduced to the data sources and tools that can be used in data journalism, and how to use them, to narrate global phenomena. The rationale behind the choices made during the development of the dashboard - from the data collection, the scope of the analysis, and its methodology - will be explained. As well as the choices made by the designers when it came to the development and the data visualizations.

This webinar was organised as part of Journalismfund’s Earth Programme launched in 2021: two grant programmes for environmental journalism: one for cross-border teams of journalists and news outlets to investigate environmental affairs, and one for organisations to develop training and support services targeting environmental journalists. As part of the Earth Programme, Journalismfund is launching a series of trainings and webinars that will be accessible to the environmental journalism community.

Using Data to Explain the Magnitude of Climate Change featured two speakers with experience on this topic:

Ornaldo Gjergji, Data Analyst & Data Journalist Ornaldo works as a data analyst for media and NGOs. His main interest consists in making open data accessible to the many, either by supporting the development of online tools that make it easier to consult and reuse open data, or by directly supporting the work of journalists in bringing to life data-driven investigations that can shed some light on issues of public interest and relevance.

Matteo Moretti is a Designer Award-winning designer, he is co-founder of Sheldon.studio, and lecturer at the Elisava, and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. His projects, presented at many academic conferences and events, received the Data Journalism Award 2015, and the European Design Award 2016 and 2017. Moretti has also been a jury member at the World Press Photo 2017-18 and one of the 100 ambassadors of Italian design in 2018.

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Date: Wednesday 9 November 2022; 15:30 (CET, Brussels).

10:30 AM (Washington, DC, Toronto)
11:30 (São Paulo)

Using Data to Explain the Magnitude of Climate Change

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