South-East Asia’s informal workers are fighting to stop their livelihoods going up in flames with the expansion of waste-to-energy plants. 

While some governments, European and Japanese development funders, and business groups in South and South-East Asia are pushing for the increased use of incinerators to manage waste, informal workers are making their objections known – not only for environmental reasons but also because of the negative impact on waste picker livelihoods.

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Investigation shortlisted for the 2023 Hostwriter Story Prize

Team members

Nithin Coca

Nithin Coca (Japan) is an Asia-focused freelance journalist who covers climate, environment, and supply chains across the region.

Nithin Coca

Alexandra Buba

Alexandra Buba is an experienced German economy journalist with academic education who covers topics connecting technology and economics.

Alexandra Buba

Geela Garcia

Geela Garcia is a freelance multimedia journalist and peasant advocate based in Manila, Philippines. 

Geela Garcia

Nicha Wachpanich

Nicha Wachpanich is a Bangkok based journalist. She regularly covers environmental issues such as mining and wastes issues.

Nisha Wachpanich

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