Flanders Connects Continents was a project run by Journalismfund.eu in 2016. It provided €120,000 for working grants for Sub-Saharan African journalists collaborating with Flemish colleagues or vice versa.

The money came from the Departement Internationaal Vlaanderen of the Flemish government.

The grant programme allocated a total of €120,000 in grant money to teams of investigative journalists over a period of six months. The project has now ended but journalists interested in similar projects can apply for the Money Trail Grants

Find the supported stories here.

For Who
Flemish-African teams

The project offered grants to teams of investigative journalists consisting of at least one Sub-Saharan African and one Flemish journalist. 

How Much

There was €120,000 to distribute over three application rounds. The project has now ended.

Supported by The Flemish Government, Chancellery and Foreign Office.

Next deadline
Project has ended.

This project no longer exists.