ROSIA MONTANA - The Romanian village of Rosia Montana has been a site of historic gold and silver mining for over two millennia. Now, mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation plans a massive mining project, which is dividing the village into supporters and opponents.

The village in the Apuseni mountains in western Transylvania is sometimes referred to as Europe's biggest untapped goldmine. The Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, a cooperation between Canadian owned company Gabriel Resources and the Romanian state, has decided to make a move for the precious metals.

They are planning a massive mining project to construct a gold and silver mine. Opposers of the project claim a project like that would mean levelling the four protected mountains and dissolving them into cyanide baths to extract the precious metals, thereby destroying the many ancient Roman relics that have been there for thousands of years. Supporters say the project could turn the tide on the low employment rate in the area.

The company has started buying up houses in the village, and the project is dividing even individual families in the village more than ever.

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Crina Boros

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