Alessio Perrone is a freelance journalist based in Milan, Italy.

He focuses on human interest features and the impact of global events on ordinary individuals who are rarely subjects of media coverage.

Alessio has written for TIME, the Guardian and Al Jazeera, among others.

Alessio Perrone

Basic information

Alessio Perrone
Freelance Writer
Narrative Journalism, Environment, Human Interest

Supported projects

Europe's Climate Denial Industry And Its Impact on Policy and Elections

BRUSSELS - Conspiratorial groups and influencers that once focussed on Covid-19 are increasingly pivoting towards attacking the EU's climate policies and sowing disinformation. Ahead of the EU's parliamentary elections, climate disinformation is ramping up, with the far-right looking to benefit.

(Mis)Managing Water

  • Corruption
  • Environment

ITALY/SPAIN - Both countries are considered to be under high water stress, but while a recent drought that hit Italy has mostly subsided, water scarcity is ravaging Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, laying bare the unpreparedness of water infrastructure to deal with such a traumatic manifestation of climate change.

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