Alex Kemman is a freelance researcher and documentary photographer (The Netherlands).

He studied cultural anthropology and criminology with a focus on environmental and human rights. Most of his projects are self initiated and he enjoys photographing visually challenging topics that show invisible and underlying processes of power. His longterm projects relate to development issues, natural resources, human rights and ecology. 

His project The last free river of Mesopotamia is about the politics of dams and the last free flowing river (the Greater Zab) in a contested territory at the borderzone of Turkey and Iraq. In Colombia he investigated the relation between development bank investments and human right abuses. 

He initiated the Green Veins project and has been visualizing and investigating ecocorridors throughout Europe since 2020. A topic he plans to continue working on the future years, as with the intensifying climate crisis the mobility of flora and fauna is becoming increasingly urgent. 

Alex Kemman

Basic information

Alex Kemman
development issues, natural resources, human rights and ecology

Supported projects

Green Veins of Europe: Ecocorridors and the European Green Deal.

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EUROPE - From red deer traces and half wild horses, to ecoducts and tree plantations, till mountain ranges and free flowing rivers. They have something in common: these are the roads and routes that nature uses.