Alina Yanchur is a Belarusian Investigative Journalist with a special focus in Data Journalism.

She holds a master's degree in Investigative Journalism from Gothenburg University, Sweden. Alina's background includes an internship at Uppdrag granskning, SVT (Mission Investigate, Swedish Television). Working with them, she contributed into Forbidden stories' project Mining Secrets and investigation on corruption at the world's leading security firm Securitas. Alina was a key contributor to investigation on how the Belarusian chemical industry giant Grodno Azot circumvents sanctions for Belarusian Investigative Center (BIC).

With an international team, she also investigated who makes money from the migration crisis on the borders of Belarus with EU countries. Her collaborative investigation on EU artificial intelligence regulation lobbying was shortlisted for the Swedish investigative journalism award Guldspaden 2022 in student category. Her data research on how Belarusians are being denied asylum in Europe was longlisted for One World Media Award in 2022. 

(The journalist is known to Journalismfund Europe. But for security reason, a photo is not available.)

Basic information

Alina Yanchur
Investigative journalist

Supported projects

Route of Fertilizers from Belarus to the EU

  • Corruption
  • Environment

MINSK - The investigation shows how Grodno Azot circumvents sanctions by passing off its products as Uzbek (Uzbek-made?), as well as by using new intermediary companies.