Álvaro de Cózar is a Spanish journalist.

He has a degree in Spanish Language and Literature and a Master's degree in journalism from the UAM-El PAÍS School. He worked for 14 years at Spanish Newspaper EL PAÍS. 

He was a special envoy to countries in conflict and covered the Arab Spring in Libya and Syria. In Madrid, he specialized in reports and research topics. He obtained the Ortega y Gasset in 2013 for En la calle. He has written and directed the narrative podcasts V, las cloacas del Estado (Premio Porquet 2016), 'Máster'; Xrey, about the life of King Juan Carlos (Ondas Award 2020), Misterio en la Moraleja (Ondas 2022) and Los Papeles (Ondas 2023). 

He is currently the Creative Director and cofounder of the production company True Story from where he continues to do the same as always: telling stories that explain the world while exploring new formats and narratives.

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Álvaro de Cózar
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Forced sterilisation of women with disabilities in Europe

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EU - Forced sterilisation of women with disabilities is criminalised in only nine EU countries. This investigation in Spain, France, Hungary and Sweden proves that the eugenics-based practice is still going on in Europe at a time when the European Parliament is debating its outlawing.