Ambra Montana is a freelance journalist based in Berlin.

She previously worked for Il Resto del Carlino in Italy, where her interest for the social and anti-mafia journalism started.
Montanari collaborated with The Post Internazionale in Rome and with Deutsche Welle and Internazionale.
She worked in the Balkans and South East Asia focusing on migration and humanitarian crisis.

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Ambra Montanari
Freelance journalist
Migration and humanitarian crisis

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How the Italian 'Ndrangheta infiltrated East Berlin reconstruction

  • Corruption
  • Organised crime

BERLIN - "They described men arriving in Berlin with briefcases full of cash, wanting to buy land, buildings, restaurants". Bernd Finger, former chief investigator of the BKA in Berlin told us regarding statements he received from the Treuhandgesellschaft (the DDR trust company), during the nineties. "Everything was legal at the time, nobody could have known or suspected that this money was there to be laundered”.