Ani Horvath is an investigative economics and political journalist working for English language publications internationally and actively advocating for the freedom of the press in Hungary.

Ani was the first Central European regional reporter for European Business News (Wall Street Journal broadcast). She has reported for the BBC, CNN, ITN, Deutsche Welle, WTN and RTL and for five years worked on radio news programs for Hungarian Radio’s English language service. She worked in New York for two years as a news reporter for Bravo TV, LS Entertainment and Plan B Productions. Ani has also been a news reporter and editor, and foreign affairs editor for RTL, Hungarian Television and Duna Television.

Ani Horvath

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Ani Horvath
investigative economics and political journalist

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Is Europe a dangerous place for Turkish dissidents?

  • Human Rights
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Turkish communities living in Europe were affected politically by the 15 July 2016 unsuccessful coup d’état.  At least twenty-three Turkish citizens, political opponents of Erdogan, were abducted by the authorities of Bulgaria, Moldova, Kosovo, Ukraine, and Serbia and sent back to Turkey. The expulsions bypassed the sanctions of national courts.