Ann-Sofie Dekeyser (°1983) works as a freelance journalist. She published in De Standaard and Knack en worked for Het Laatste Nieuws and Het Nieuws (vtm). Since she graduated two years ago with a story on juvenile sexual delinquents, she’s been continuously looking for hidden stories. This search has brought her to all kinds of intriguing people, from the homeless in the streets to the CEOs of mayor banks.

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Ann-Sofie Dekeyser

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Balkan war creates new casualties

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15 years after the war in Bosnia over 7000 refugees still live in ‘temporary’ refugee camps in the heart of Europe. The Bosnians themselves want to forget about them, the NGO’s have left the country, moved on to new conflict zones. But the people are still there. Just like their children, who were born in these camps. They are a new generation of war victims, struggling not only with the trauma of their parents, but also with a lack of education and severe poverty. Domestic violence, abuse, alcoholism and addiction are common practise in these settlements.