Anna Luyten is a Belgian journalist working in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Giving people a voice, is Anna Luyten's trademark. She is a journalist working in Belgium and the Netherlands, a performer and a lecturer in philosophy and artist writing at the KASK (Ghent) and the Toneelacademie Maastricht. In her strong form of New Journalism, she searches the dramaturgy of banality, digs deep and creates layered portraits of people and events. She does this in all kinds of fields: personal histories, social dramas war situations, murder cases. In the Netherlands, her literary non-fiction story about the murder of a living statue received the Mercur prize for best, most exciting magazine report. She began her writing career in 1988 as a journalist with the Belgian newspaper De Morgen, and later worked on the editorial boards of Belgian magazine Knack, newspaper De Standaard and the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland.  For a few years now she has been a freelancer. For the Belgian public broadcaster Canvas, she made portraits with great artists and led the ethical and philosophical programme 'Het verloren paradijs'. She made radio documentaries for the Belgian public broadcaster Radio 1 and philosophical and literary programmes for Klara. She is part of the international community Walk, Listen, Create.


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Anna Luyten
Personal histories, social dramas, war situations, murder cases

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A woman's life

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BRUSSELS - On the occasion of International Women's Day on 8 March, three generations of women spend three days together. Twentysomething Cosima Bas and her mother Anna Luyten dig into the life wisdom of the oldest. This is Chantal De Smet (76), a striking figure of the second feminist wave in Belgium. VRT journalist Hilde De Windt photographs and films.