Annemieke Hendriks is a Dutch journalist who operates mostly from Berlin, especially along Europe's former East/West borders.

Hendriks studied sociology and language sciences at Groningen University. In the 80s she got to know Europe's East/West borders, working for a German-Swiss-Dutch research project on civil rights at the Freie Universität Berlin-related Berghof Stiftung für Konfliktforschung for some years.

Hendriks lectured Sociology and Cultural Studies at the Journalistic Academy Windesheim Zwolle for eight years before becoming active as a journalist herself. From 1990 onwards she wrote features for Dutch and other European quality papers and magazines; during the last fifteen years fulltime.

Hendriks has published seven non-fiction books (literary and documentary ones), and some more as co-author. Half of them are on European themes and the other half on cultural-historical and social themes.


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Annemieke Hendriks
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The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of tomatoes and tomato seeds in the world. Journalist Annemieke Hendriks follows the life of the tomato, from birth to the plate, in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary and other European countries.