Annie van Gemert specializes in interiors, portraits, and staged documentary photography. She graduated with a degree in photography from AKI in Enschede in 1990. Portraits and interiors play an important role in the photos. Her photography publications include: Uniformity – Girls’ Boarding Schools in Flanders (1997); Many Children – Large Families in the Netherlands and Flanders (2002); A Summer at Sea (2003); Monks (2006) and Boys and Girls (2009). For this last book, she won second place in the World Press Photo competition in the portrait category.  

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Annie van Gemert

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School uniforms

School uniforms are common in elementary and middle schools in many countries. They symbolize class equality, quality, and structure. Photographer Annie van Gemert visited Belgium, where pupils still wear uniforms in many schools. From 2009 to 2013 she created probing (group) portraits of boys and girls in school uniforms. These photos led to a new publication, School Uniforms: Education in Flanders.