Annika Joeres (1978) is a German freelance journalist based in France.

Annika is currently working for various German national media outlets.

She is working in the south of France as a climate reporter for the non-profit and investigative redaction and as a correspondent for DIE ZEIT. For her investigation about public investments in fossil industries of German Länder and a multi-media-story about the consequences of rising seas she was awarded numerous journalism prizes.

Together with Susanne Götze she published "Die Klimaschmutzlobby" (Piper) in June 2020 about the networks of climate deniers in the EU and how Lobbyism stops climate legislation.

Basic information

Annika Joeres
Climate, emancipation, France

Supported projects

CCS: The new promise to stop climate change

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Industry

The investigation of Annika Joeres and Susanne Götze illuminates a neglected subject of climate policy. They show what a powerful player the Lobby for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has become for the European Climate Policy. 

Roma exploitation: end of the dream

  • Migration

KATUNITSA - Some 10 to 12 million Roma are estimated to travel around Europe. The political dimension of this ethnical and social challenge is an ongoing discussion in the EU, but what is never told is the dark economy of Roma migration. Who benefits from the large afflux of mainly poor people into western Europe?