Anthony Langat is a Kenyan freelance journalist whose work focuses on climate change, human rights, refugees, migration, security, health, and environment. His MA in Communication Studies from the University of Nairobi interrogated the media coverage of environmental sustainability in Kenya.

In 2014, he was part of ICIJ’s investigation on World Bank’s financing of conservation projects that led to the eviction of indigenous people across the world where he contributed to the World Bank’s involvement in the Sengwer people’s case in Kenya. He was a Galloway Reporting Fellow in 2014 where he contributed to stories on LGBT extortion in Kenya and in 2018, he was part of What Went Wrong, an initiative that investigated failed in Kenya.

His work has been published in Devex, Mongabay, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, US News & World Report, Equal Times, Thomson Reuters Foundation, The New Humanitarian, News Deeply among others.

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Anthony Langat
Independent journalist
Climate change, migration, health, environment

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On the trail of Chinese pharmaceuticals in Africa

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MOMBASA - Counterfeit and substandard drugs are believed to kill thousands of people annually. The trade of substandard or falsified medicines has grown to a $30 billion black market industry. Experts warn that the number of counterfeit or substandard goods entering Africa is on the rise.

A Quinine injection produced by Chinese company