Antonio Villarreal (Spain, 1981) is a freelance journalist based in Madrid since 2005.

He has been covering the science beat for print and online publications ever since. His features, interviews or news stories have been published in outlets such as ABC, El Correo, Público, EFE, El Periódico, Agencia SINC, Science Editor Magazine (US), FronteraD and Jot Down, among others.

Apart from covering health, environmental or technology issues, he has also been involved in several investigative and data journalism projects. In 2009, he spent two years specialising in Science & Technology Journalism at Texas A&M University thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.

Antonio Villarreal

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Antonio Villarreal

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Olive oil, the liquid gold

  • Agriculture

JAEN - The farms in Jaen in Spain provide a substantial amount of the total vegetable produce consumed across Europe and receive large farm subsidies from the EU. However, very often the people working on the farms are exploited and the environment is neglected.