Based  in  Cameroon,  Arison Tamfu is currently Central African  correspondent  for  Chinese  state media, Xinhua News Agency and West and Central African editor for Daily Reporter.

Arison also freelances  for  multiple  international  news media including  The  New  Humanitarian, Turkish Radio Television (TRT World), One World Media, China  Global  Television  Network (CGTN) and Voice  of  America  (VOA). Prior to joining Xinhua and Daily Reporter, he worked with  Cameroon  Equinoxe  TV  and Radio  as Reporter,  Anchor  and  editor, and editor-in-chief of Cameroon Journal.

With over 15 years  experience practising journalism, Tamfu has  won  11  international  prestigious awards  for  his investigative reporting.

Here you can watch him present at the webinar organised by Journalismfund.

Arison Tamfu

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Arison Tamfu

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Dirty Rubber

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KOUNGOULOU - Europe’s growing demand for natural rubber to produce tyres has been destroying West Africa’s rainforests for large-scale industrial rubber plantations. In Cameroon, rubber conglomerate Halcyon Agri, which also sells rubber to the European Union (EU), has cleared at least 127 km2 of primary rainforest. The rubber market is growing steadily and is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2027.