Bernd Fink is a world traveller and photographer. He focuses on imaging less well-known destinations, subcultures and urban arts.

After a year of photography at the Academy in Ghent, Bernd decided to study journalism at the Arteveldehogeschool with a focus on international politics and video. That is why he decided to do an internship for Vredeseilanden in Benin and Togo. In these countries, he reported on food production as a video journalist and how international cooperation with local farmers came about.
As a graduation project, Bernd chose to visualize the relations between Moldova and Transnistria.

After his studies, Bernd understood that social inequality and conflict are largely the results of climate change. That is why he founded the collective 'Realize' together with five like-minded souls. The project brought him into a six-month journey to destinations such as Ukraine, Russia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India and the Maldives. Bernd reported on climate change from these afflicted areas.
During his travels, Bernd learned to view situations from different perspectives by taking the time to engage in dialogue with the environment.     
Bernd was involved from the beginning in setting up the journalistic collective 'The Caravan's Journal'. He travelled with them to Greece and Ukraine as a freelance photographer.

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Bernd Fink
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The Maidan earthquake effect

  • Politics

Three years after the Maidan revolution Ukraine is still restless. A team of four young multimedia journalists is conducting research on the aftershocks of Maidan for four weeks.