Billy Briggs is a founder and co-editor of The Ferret. He focuses on human rights and has reported from more than 20 countries including Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.

His work has appeared in, among others, The Guardian, Politico, New Statesman, Sunday Times, The Observer, New Statesman, The Scotsman, Al Jazeera and the BBC. He was a former staff writer with The Herald newspaper in Glasgow. 

Billy has won awards from Amnesty International, the EU, and both the British and Scottish press awards. He contributed to Routledge’s academic book – Journalism, Power and Investigation.

His reports covetred more than more than 20 countries on issues such as human rights violations, far right extremism, femicide, child labour, human trafficking and Islamist terrorism. Foreign dispatches include stories from Gaza, Haiti, India, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Syria and the West Bank.

(The journalist is known to Journalismfund Europe. But for security reasons, their photo is not made public.)


Billy Briggs

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Billy Briggs
human rights violations, far right extremism, femicide, child labour, human trafficking, Islamist terrorism, Middle East
United Kingdom

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