Borut Mekina is a research Journalist with the famous Slovenian political weekly Mladina.

As such he has also written or contributed to the stories published in other well-known outlets in Europe or even documentary movies worldwide, like Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next. He was also an elected member of the Board of the Slovene Association of journalists. He is a father of two daughters and lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Basic information

Borut Mekina
Research journalist

Supported projects

How Viktor Orbán is exporting his illiberalism

  • Corruption
  • Economy

BUDAPEST - In our project, we’ve discovered how businessmen related to the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán were buying up media outlets in Slovenia. 

Hungarian PM, Viktor Orbán is supporting the leader of the Slovenian far-right, Janez Janša. Orbán offers the help of his allies and hundreds of million forints from the Hungarian taxpayers.