Bram Logger is a freelance investigative journalist and co-founder of Investigative Collective Spit, a non-profit coop formed by now six freelance investigative journalists in The Netherlands. 

Bram wrote investigative stories on financial crimes, public finance and corruption in sports. He works in The Netherlands for, among others, weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, daily newspaper Trouw and investigative journalistic platform Follow The Money.

Basic information

Bram Logger
financial crimes, public finance, sports corruption

Supported projects

How West Africa continues to import dirty fuels

ACCRA – Low-quality petrol and diesel are a major problem for air quality in West Africa. They contain toxic substances such as sulfur and the carcinogenic benzene. When they break down, cars emit even more toxic exhaust fumes over densely populated cities.

Great Belgian hunger for Zeeland's farmland

  • Agriculture

ZEELAND - To whom does the Dutch province of Zeeland belong? Partly to Belgians, who own up to a fifth of the agricultural land in the southernmost part of the province. The Dutch research collective Spit and the Belgian platform Apache went in search of the large landowners and answered the question: why are they active there?

European fish fraud in Namibia

  • Corruption
  • Fishing industry
  • Tax evasion

A Dutch fishing giant is involved in a corruption affair and tax evasion scheme concerning fishing quotas in Namibia. The money trail goes via Poland and Iceland.