Brecht Castel is a Belgian freelance journalist and works for the Belgian magazines Knack and De Standaard.

He writes about mental health and international politics. He studied political science, history and international research journalism. 

Brecht Castel

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Brecht Castel
Central Asia, Mental Health

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The impact of suicide

  • Health

BELGIUM - As a child, journalist Brecht Castel lost his father after suicide. Twenty years later he is left with questions. Questions that not only concern himself, because in Flanders an average of three people get out of life every day.

The shadow of the highest dam in the world

  • Corruption
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  • Politics

TAJIKISTAN - In October 2016, the authoritarian president of Tajikistan, Emomali Rachmon, pushed a pile of stones into the river Vachsh with a bulldozer. With this symbolic gesture he gave a new start to the construction of the Rogun dam which started in 1976. With 335 meters, Rogun has to become the highest dam in the world and the largest hydroelectric power plant in Central Asia. Quite a strong achievement for the poorest country in the region.