Brigita Sabaliauskaitė has over 25 years of professional experience across various media channels.

Currently, she specializes in social and community media, focusing on the digital resilience of society as a professional journalist. Previously she worked as a lecturer at Vilnius University's Institute of Journalism and Kazimieras Simonavičius University. Since 2021, she has held the position of partner and junior researcher at the Baltics Research Foundation for Digital Resilience, DIGIRES. 
Additionally, she shares her expertise as a guest speaker on topics such as the growing impact of digital media, media literacy, and communication challenges within regional politics, participating in both national and international conferences. Brigita is a co-founder and leader of the Local Community Journalists Network in Lithuania. Since 2023, she has also been the creator and author of the blog 'I Live in Kaunas' (, shedding light on the needs of local communities in Kaunas.

Basic information

Brigita Sabaliauskaitė
local governance, social affairs, environmental subjects, digital resilience

Supported projects

The Map of Local Community Issues

  • Journalism & Media

KAUNAS / PLUNGĖ / JURBARKAS - We are building a map of local community issues dedicated to the communities of Kaunas, Jurbarkas, Plungė, and Neringa municipalities in Lithuania. This tool will encourage greater collaboration between local communities and policymakers, enabling journalists to become more involved in addressing the issues faced by residents.