Bruno Tersago is a Belgian correspondent and author. He has lived in Greece since 2000.

Bruno Tersago was born in Belgium. He has lived and worked in Athens since January 2000. Since 2011 he is a correspondent for the Flemish Public Broadcasting VRT and makes contributions for various Dutch and Flemish media.

Bruno has also been keeping a weblog about the ins and outs of Greece for more than 10 years, a weblog that has been almost completely dominated by the crisis in his new homeland in recent years. He is passionate about the history and customs of his adoptive country, and he tries to understand the Greek reality, away from political trends and from analyses written behind desks in Northern Europe.

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GREECE - The cradle of democracy is sinking: today, 2.5 out of 10 million Greeks live below the poverty line, 3.8 million others flirt with it. Bruno Tersago, correspondent in Greece for the Belgian public broadcaster, gives the Greek crisis a face.