Catalin Prisacariu is an investigative journalist based in Bucharest, Romania, member of LINX (a project of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism) and European Investigative Collaborations.

He currently writes investigative stories for Romania libera (national daily based in Bucharest) and Kamikaze (national weekly based in Bucharest). Prisacariu is a board member of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism.

He has worked for local and national Romanian media outlets, and wrote investigative stories for European media outlets like ARD, Financial Times, Spiegel, Television Suisse Romande etc.

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Catalin Prisacariu

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The Criminal Migrant Shipping Network

  • Migration

Smugglers, some of them organised in networks, are profiting from migrants’ despair by selling them their services, making a fortune in the process and fueling their criminal enterprise with cash.

The European Social Fraud

  • Economy
  • Europe
  • Politics

BRUSSELS - The European Social Fund (ESF) “is Europe’s main instrument for supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens”, according to the ESF website.