Catherine Vuylsteke is a Belgian freelance journalist, writer and filmmaker.

She worked as a foreign news reporter for Flemish daily De Morgen for 25 years, wrote books on China, muslim gays and unaccompanied minors and co-directed the documentaries 'Silent Stories' and 'The art of becoming'.

Catherine Vuylsteke

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Catherine Vuylsteke

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Broken wings

  • Youth
  • Migration

BELGIUM/SENEGAL - In 2012, 19-year-old Mamadou was one of the 5742 men, women and children expelled from Belgium. They ended up in the oblivion of public opinion. No news, good news. And if we may believe the responsible Secretary of State for migration Maggie De Block, the Belgian return policy is a huge success.

Chinese Success. Made in Ethiopia

  • Economy

Tens of thousands of Chinese have moved to Addis Abeba over the past years, creating jobs, roads, telecom networks and vegetable gardens with water spinach. Who are the different actors in China's recent involvement in Ethiopia?

Silent Stories

BRUSSELS - In Silent Stories Hanne Phlypo and Catherine Vuysteke follow two men and two women from Algeria, Senegal, Iraq and Guinea whose sexual orientation forced them to leave their country - wether they were bisexual, homosexual, lesbian or transsexual. Three of them are rebuilding their lives in Belgium, for the fourth, the Iraq transsexual Sarah, long years of waiting have finally resulted in political asylum and the prospect of a gender operation.

The art of becoming

  • Youth
  • Migration
  • Politics

Stories in the media on Scott Manyo or the dutch boy Mauro brought the issue of unaccompanied minors to the attention of the general public. But the boys and girls that end up here all alone, are rarely more than figures in one or the other report.

The past is a foreign country

  • Youth
  • Migration

BELGIUM - Eight underage asylum seekers were followed by Catherine Vuylsteke for one year. The Nadaar collective and three guest photographers each portrayed one of the youngsters.