Clea Caulcutt is an English journalist.

Born in 1980, she obtained a Masters in Bilingual journalism at the Sorbonne in 2006. Afterwards, she briefly freelanced and worked for the BBC before joining the international channel France 24, where she worked for three years. Since 2009, Caulcutt writes as a freelancer for several French and English news outlets. Caulcutt was awarded the EU Young Journalist Award for the UK in 2010 for a series of articles about a Roma community living in the outskirts of Paris.

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Clea Caulcutt

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International Offensive on Cord Blood Banking

  • Healthcare

ANTWERP - It’s the latest fashion in maternity hospitals. Mothers throughout the EU are encouraged to privately bank the cord blood of their newborn babies. But private cord blood banks are not free from criticism. On the contrary.