Daan de Wit (1969) is a journalist and reporter for television, documentary and written media.

Prior to De cholesterolmythe he published three investigative journalism books: De volgende oorlog (The next war), Dossier Mexicaanse griep (Dossier Mexican flu) and Weet wat je eet - Gezond eten op basis van de oudste kennis en de nieuwste wetenschap (Know what you eat - Eeating healthy based on the oldes knowledge and the newest science).

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Daan de Wit
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The cholesterol myth

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SCHIEDAM - A radically different view of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, that is what The Cholesterol Myth is all about. Part of it is that cholesterol is no longer the big bogeyman, but, according to experts, can be seen as a positive, body-specific, even healing substance. On closer inspection, cholesterol also plays a positive role in our diet. These visions underpinned in the book raise the question of what causes all those cardiovascular patients to die every day, just as the author almost lost his father.