Daiva Bartkienė is a professional journalist with 35 years of experience in national and regional media. 

She is a member of the Union of Lithuanian Journalists and serves as one of the founders and members of the Local Community Journalists Network. Currently, she works as a journalist at the newspaper 'Šilalės artojas', which is published in Šilalė. Additionally, she established the website 'I Live in Jurbarkas' (www.gyvenujurbarke.lt). Her tenure in both national and regional media platforms allows her to conduct significant journalistic investigations, even on smaller-scale yet important issues. She was awarded the LŽS competition 'Media Against Corruption’ in 2012.

Basic information

Daiva Bartkienė
regional politics, economy, health and social affairs

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The Map of Local Community Issues

  • Journalism & Media

KAUNAS / PLUNGĖ / JURBARKAS - We are building a map of local community issues dedicated to the communities of Kaunas, Jurbarkas, Plungė, and Neringa municipalities in Lithuania. This tool will encourage greater collaboration between local communities and policymakers, enabling journalists to become more involved in addressing the issues faced by residents.