Daniele Grasso is an Italian data - driven journalist based in Madrid at El Pais.

Previously he created and coordinated the Data Journalism Unit at the Spanish leading digital newspaper, El Confidencial. He is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Besides its newsroom work, he is also a member of the first pan-European data-journalism projects: GenerationE and The Migrants Files, being this last one awarded with the Data Journalism Award, the European Press Prize 2015 and a Gold Medal at 'Premios ÑH'.

He developed investigative journalism skills covering a leading role in the Spanish chapters of cross-border investigations 'Lux Leaks', 'Swiss Leaks', a global effort to reveal the secret accounts of the HSBC, The Panama Papers and The Paradise Papers.

Basic information

Daniele Grasso
Data journalism

Supported projects

Confiscated Goods in Europe

  • Data Journalism
  • Organised crime

BRUSSELS - Despite a European directive on joint jurisdiction on confiscated goods, actual European monitoring is virtually nonexistent. European criminal organisations take advantage of this lack of solid jurisdiction.

The Migrants Files: Follow The Money

  • Data Journalism
  • Human Rights
  • Migration

BRUSSELS - Refugees and migrants spend over €1 billion a year to reach Europe. Europeans pay a similar amount to keep them out. A few companies benefit handsomely in the process. The hope business is cruel—and highly lucrative.

Generation E

  • Data Journalism
  • Economy
  • Migration

Generation E is a cross-border collaborative project by a team of four southern European journalists that sheds light on the migration of southern Europeans within Europe.

The Migrants Files

  • Data Journalism
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Politics

The Migrants Files is a project by a European consortium of journalists that aims at precisely assessing the number of men, women and children that died as a result of EU Member States migration policies.