Denise Van den Broeck (°1957) is a freelance journalist. She wrote the books 'Het kloppend hart van het spoor' (1998), 'Stinkende zaakjes' (2003) en 'Medische Blunders' (2004). In 2008 she worked undercover as a security guard in the security zone of Brussels Airport where she was assigned to track down terrorists, bombs and drugs. She wrote down her observations in the book 'Iedereen terrorist!' (2012). 'Medische Blunders', 'Stinkende zaakjes' and 'Iedereen terrorist!' were realised with support of the Pascal Decroos Fund.

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Everybody's a terrorist!

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Never before did a terrorist attack have such an impact on daily life as 9/11. More than anything else, plane traveling became quite a bit more strenuous. Budgets for the war on terror are growing every year. Security forces want to intercept every possible terrorist and the security industry comes up with a solution for every possible problem.