Eddie Stok is a graphic designer and visual storyteller working in the media of illustration, comics, animation and photography.

As creative director and designer for Are We Europe foundation and the 4-year run of its flagship magazine, he worked on establishing a high standard of visual storytelling, through design and illustration, but also as part of the editorial team.

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Basic information

Eddie Stok
Graphic designer and storyteller

Supported projects

Chlordecone: The Toxic Legacy of Pesticides in the French Antilles

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

FORT-DE-FRANCE / BASSE TERRE – This investigation goes behind the scenes of a French state scandal, tracing a historical route from governmental actors who approved use of chlordecone, a dangerous chemical, in agriculture, to the realities of victims speaking out today. Their testimonies highlight how the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe face an environmental and sanitary disaster still ongoing.

pesticides in french antilles