Esmeralda Topi (Albania) is a journalist with 10 years of experience in visual and written media.

She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, University of Tirana at the “Bachelor” level (2009) and completed her studies at the same faculty at the “Master of Science” level for “Public Relations” (2012). Esmeralda has reported on economic topics for more than 10 years in various media, mainly TV channels. Her beginnings were on the Tring Digital Platform, as part of the 7News Channel, where she covered reports on social and economic issues.

In March 2013, Esmeralda joined Agon Channel TV where she worked as a journalist and news anchor, while from September 2015 she was part of the RTSH newsroom as an economic journalist, news anchor and staff member of “Përballë” show under the moderation and authorship of Lutfi Dervishi. On September, 2022 Esmeralda joined Faktoje team. 

Esmeralda Topi

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Esmeralda Topi
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How Disinformation Rules Waste Management in Western Balkans

  • Energy
  • Environment

SVETI NICOLE / ELBASAN – Could a waste management facility become New Chernobyl? Some people in North Macedonia are eager to believe this. This investigation looked into facts and disinformation surrounding waste management project in Western Balkans.

The unbreathable air of the Western Balkans

  • Environment

SKOPJE /TIRANA /PRISTINA – The levels of pollution in the capitals of the republics in the Western Balkans are extremely high. The investigation looks at the causes of this situation as well as the health problems that air pollution leads to.

Deforestation and Hydropower Plants: Damage for Europe's Blue Heart

  • Energy
  • Environment

SKOPJE / TIRANA - Forests and rivers of Albania and North Macedonia have been exploited for years. These two countries, located in the Western Balkans, have amazing ecosystems and biodiversity, with plenty of endemic tree species and rivers with abundance of water. But natural resources in the region are often seen as a very good source for making profit, mainly by businessmen with a strong political support.

Deforestation in Albania and hydropower in Macedonia

The Disappearance of Prespa Lake

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

PRESPA LAKE - It is considered as even older than the officially oldest lake in Europe, Ohrid Lake, is endangered.

Dimitar Micev