Eva Kubaniová is a journalist working for investigace.cz based in Prague. Investigace.cz is NGO covering organized crime topics and the only Czech partner of OCCRP. She works on projects connected to Slovakia. Eva Kubániová has been a member of the team since the beginning of investigace.cz. She carried out journalistic research of Marian Kočner and the events leading to Jan Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová´s murder. She has reported on the court trial of the suspects in that case. She won two Slovak journalistic awards for the timeline of the relationship between Kuciak and Kočner. She is also the coordinator of investigace.cz’s partnership project with investigative centers from the Visegrad countries and has worked on crossborder stories concerning the International Investment Bank and misuse of public funds for advertising.

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Eva Kubaniová

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Green EU subsidies in the hands of organised crime

  • Corruption
  • Environment

A cross-border team of journalists has focused on the potential corruption of solar energy support in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More specifically, in the Czech Republic, the government has been postponing the changes to law allowing the state-guaranteed price of solar electricity to match the decline in investment in solar electricity. 

The men behind xHamster

  • Human Rights
  • Security

GERMANY - xHamster is one of the most visited porn websites in Germany and the world. The xHamster bosses have been in hiding for years. Now research reveals for the first time two leading figures behind Germany's most visited porn site.