Eva Laloum is an investigative journalist based in Israel.

With over twenty years of experience, Eva Laloum works in Israel as a freelance journalist, investigator, producer and translator for various European TV Networks, such as Arte, RTS, SAT3 and more. She has produced hundreds of news reports and documentaries of various lengths, from 2.5 minute pieces to full length films, on programs such as Arte Reportage, Arte Journal, Arte Culture, Sat3 Nano, Sat3 Culture Zeit, as well as programs on TF1, France 5, France 3, M6, and France 24.  Laloum covers content in Israel on a variety of topics: economy, society, politics, culture, science, innovation and security.

Recent projects include: research and field production for the documentary “The Jewish Philosophers during the Eichmann Trial”, a film directed by Florence Jameaux and broadcast on the French History Channel, a series of reports for France 24 on the subject of mixed Jew and Arab marriages, a report about the first transgender beauty pageant in Israel for X, as well as a 32 minute piece for TF1 on Israel’s success in the fight against Covid with the world’s first vaccination campaign.

Laloum graduated in 1998 with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from the Tel Aviv Open University Koteret Program. Upon graduating, she worked in Israeli news programs as an associate producer for politics and current affairs. During the second intifada (2000) Laloum worked as a police reporter for the local Jerusalem channel, and later for Israeli Channel 10, after which she began working as a freelancer for foreign networks. Laloum resides in Tel Aviv with her husband and three children. 

Basic information

Eva Laloum
Journalist, investigator, producer and translator
Economy, society, politics, culture, science, innovation and security
Tel Aviv

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Hackers - assault on intimacy

  • Organised crime
  • Technology

ROLLE - Who's next? That's the question on everyone's lips. For over three years, not a week has passed without the media reporting a hacking incident. Cyber hackers have never been so powerful. They are everywhere, looking for human error and technical flaws in our hyper-connected world.